Reserve Your Watch With Special Early-Bird Price of 990 USD over 1490 USD retail price.

Sale price Price $550.00 Regular price

550 USD deposit and 440 USD will be paid before shipment (February-March)

Book your watch with a special discount of 550USD and balance 440USD to be paid manually before shipment.

    • Our first 50 piece campaign is successfully finished that all 50 items are sold out. This second offer is valid for the next 50 pieces.
    • Contact details are required to complete the full transaction. Therefore, be sure the contact information you provided is correct.
    • Once you book your watch, please contact us to book the desired variant with your name,Surname and email address. We will confirm and accept your order within an e-mail within couple of working days.
    • Priority will be given to early subscribers. Once the 50 pieces are sold out the link automatically indicate "sold out" and does not allow further purchases. A new link will be provided instantly for the next discount session with an increased price of 100USD.
    • The amount of 550USD you pay for booking purpose is to secure your watch with a special discount since the production quantity is limited with 300 at the moment and non-refundable. You will be asked to fulfill the payment within 2 weeks once the shipment is ready. The balance of 440USD will be paid manually via Paypal or Bank Transfer. In the event of failure to fulfill this transaction in two weeks, the order will be discarded and loose it's validity.
    • The case and the extended clamps will be stainless steel. Additional 50USD will be asked in case PVD coating is required.