The Brand


Independent brand specializing in manufacturing Swiss Made mechanical timepieces, Hauttman has been developing and creating exceptional watches since 2013. A recent partnership with SignSinternational has brought many advancements to the conception of our timepieces notably the combination of traditional watchmaking and access to highly technological machinery.


Signs international is a manufacturing company regrouping hundreds of subcontractors and factories all over the world. With its Headquarter located in The Netherlands, It has been developing, manufacturing and distributing watches on a worldwide scale since 2004. Signsinternational has numerous timepieces being distributed, developed, manufactured with care till this very moment, for both Microbrands and Macrobrands.
Signsinternational has very high standard and work ethics, carefully selecting only the most professionals workers to partner with. Watchmakers, engineers, designers, the services available are very complete to insure optimal development and construction of every project. Over 10 years of leading manufacturing experience in a business where companies starts and shut down every week.


The term "Hauttman" howt-man, In phonetics can be exemplified like "Haut-Man". The term date backs to the 4th Century AD and means the "head-man", "Highest-person", "Leader" or "Commander". "Haut" in modern French means the top and "Man" is an Anglo-Saxon term to address the human character. Throughout the history, the term "Hauttman" derived as "Hautman", "Uthman","Hauptmann","Ottoman". Philosophically the term Hauttman is a way to discourse the human character in a much more glorifying way for us. In religious background, Light gives life and color. The "Human" hue-man term in phonetics can be evaluated as "the light seers", "the light man ».
Joining our exclusive community will not only bring you an exceptionally engineered timepiece or a participation in our achievements, but it will bathe you in our work philosophy, and bring you the inspiration you awake your inner « Hauttman ».
The triskelion symbol appears in many early cultures and date backs to 4400-3600 BC consisting of 3 spirals polar arrayed from a center point. The symbol represents the movement, dynamics, action, power and unity. Other than its physical attributes, the symbol carries a more sophisticated meaning related to metaphysical allegories. Examples being creation-preservation-destruction, mother-father-child, spirit-mind-body, father-son-holy spirit, power-intellect-love and past-present-future.



The reason we depicted our logo in three letter "T" is based on our value to proud our past, hard work in present, and our future plans to establish strong relations and friendships with our community members. The anchor in the middle, replacing the letter "T »  is a strong marine symbol, as the sea is where everything started from, both our inspiration and life itself.