Delivery Details of Deep Discovery Reedition

MODEL DD.DC.105...   121


Hauttman Deep Discovery Diver's Chronograph Reedition project has been dedicated to the previous release that has been successfully presented and delivered to beloved Hauttman Lovers.The elements taken into consideration in this project are evaluated in parallel to the recommendations and requests over the earliest release of the Diver's Chronograph. With additional experience, each revised piece is tailored to perfection.New Dial design, which is the main element of this new release, better emphasizing the high quality finishing and craftsmanship with it's plain and spacious surfaces that shaped the design. With high contrasted surface and easy readable indexes, main focus is to bring finishing quality in attention.

Designed as two layers, the sandwich dial is decorated with circular brush and sand blasted finish lacquered in 3 colors.Blue, black and white&black. Custom made applied metal indices and diamond cut hand set are more powerful and robust. In addition, rotating inner bezel is circular brushed and this time, prints are revised as glowing super luminova in order to increase the readability in dark.

One of the most important additional features of this project is the new strap and bracelet option. This new metal bracelet and leather strap is designed according to the complex and ergonomic architecture of Deep Discovery Diver's Chronograph Case. The new metal bracelet is designed as 5 links, matching to the case finishing, these links are finished in mirror polish and satin brush. Calf leather strap has 3 color options that are black blue and brown. Matching to the white pad printed indexes on the dial, these leather straps are hand-stitched with white color yarn.


At the moment, 210 pieces of DD.DC reedition models are under production and estimated time to start the delivery to it's very first recipients is March 2019. First DD.DC reedition watch will be ready to be delivered after the completion of the components, assembly and tests in March 2019. Assembly will take place after the completion of the components with the frequency of 40 watches monthly. Deliveries will take place in reference to the order number respectively.


Prices are listed as 1,370.00 USD and 1,510.00 USD based on the watches varying on strap/bracelet options. These prices are 35% to 30% discounted over the retail price of 2,190.00 USD as early bird price. For every 30 pieces sold from this collection, the prices will increase by 70.00 USD.

Upon the receival of the payment for the items of the reedition collection, a certificate will be generated and sent to the payer in 10 days. This certificate is based on the selected product, payment and personal details of the recipient. Authenticating the origin and kind of the product that you have payed for, this certificate purposely designed to protect the rights of the recipient legally and substantially. In addition to this certificate, a receipt will be sent to the recipient.


Based on your order, the content of the package is as follows.

  • A watch box for one watch with Hauttman logo on it and covered with protective outside cardboard.
  • The selected watch with bracelet/leather strap fixed and with protective film on it.
  • Certificate of Origin (This certificate will be sent to you before the watch)
  • User Manual and catalogue that is designed and printed for reedition collection.
  • International warranty card valid for two years.