At Hauttman we prefer to give our network an early bird chance to buy.

No Marketing Cost; During the Early Bird Campaign Hauttman does not perform any public advertisement campaign. The purpose is to keep price ranges as low as possible for Hauttman luxury timepieces. You will hear about our campaign annunciations if you are a member of our watch enthusiast group, network or a Subscriber to Hauttman website. Hauttman will make annunciations once a year prior to the Hauttman community. Your Early bird campaign is an early reservation system which allows you to reach your favorite watch without paying the marketing costs.

Two split payments;  By the Early bird campaigns early reservation system, the particular watch you prefer is coming on a very discounted price. You are making the reservation for your watch by paying a portion of the total discounted price. By paying the reservation price you are accepting the terms of the Early bird campaign. Once reservation payment is done Hauttman LTD. will be taking four months to announce the deliveries of the product. Once the client receives the information as "your product is ready to be delivered" he/she pays the balance amount before the delivery. By the completion of the second portion of the purchase, Hauttman delivers your order to priorly given delivery address. See the table below for example. 



I Reservation payment

 II Balance payment

Discounted price

Full Retail price


During the campaign

Before the delivery

During the campaign

After the campaign

Value 600 USD +600 USD

1200 USD

2180 USD

1830 USD


Your benefits;
by participating in the early bird campaign you will be saving from 400 USD up to 600 USD depending on to price range for the particular Swiss watch you choose. As Huattman Swiss watches are created in a very limited quantity there is a high chance of certain popular colors to be finished by the end of the campaign. Our early bird customers have the opportunity to pick their favorite color variation without limitation. The Campaign Early Bird Drawing is happening once a year and the advantage this campaign create on the retail price is big! Last year we sold out, don’t miss out next year.