We love to support animal charities Here is Why?

We didn’t publish our stories of supporting animal welfare societies until Hauttman received a solicitation to donate to a charity that provides food and rehabilitation for the strays.

We thought, to wear Hauttman watches that means something special is better and worth to tell. Hauttman has been partnering with nonprofit animal organizations to raise funds and awareness to animal protection for a long time. Donated more than a ton of dry food to stray animals since they established the brand. The company also donates its "time, services continuously at least 4% of their working week time for making the world a greater place.

You may not know but Hauttman applies a program to donate part of your purchase to charity for a long time. The greater our capacity is to give, the more we receive from the universe in return. Over the years we have given regularly to various local animal welfare groups. Rather than the traditional business model, Hauttman designates 2% of their revenue every year to the support of animal charities. We seek out high-impact organizations that collaborate with local communities to build sustainable solutions and support those organizations.

Bringing a new timepiece into your collection or gifting a unique work of mechanical art to your loved one feels great, but giving back to those in need feels even better. To make your next shopping experience as charitable as can be we decided to announce this detail here cause Hautman applies a program to donate part of your purchase to those in need for a very long time already.

In these tough economic times for animal-oriented charities, it's an especially difficult time. Why, people wonder, should they give money to animal causes when the world is full of human beings in dire need? Cancer and other illnesses, natural disasters, hunger, homelessness, child slavery, lack of potable water - the list goes on. We were always thinking about the strays and we will keep organizing other programs of charitable giving. There are so many causes weighing one cause against another is pointless. The important thing is not which charity to give to, it's just to give.

The numbers spell out just how difficult the problems facing animal-based charities are. Between three and four million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the US. And according to Charity Navigator, animal shelters and support groups are the most underfunded charities among all. The kind of emergency that can rapidly change a person from someone who gives to charity to someone who requires it. We are going to help out those who are less fortunate today. Which makes us feel we work for a difference.

We experienced unconditional love, of animals. We’ve seen the difference they make in people's lives and watched them suffer untold indifference and cruelty. Animals have no safety net in society, no voices of their own, and very few rights under the law. During Hurricanes while government at every level refused to help people try to save the animals they'd left behind, within one day of the disaster the HSUS and other animal welfare organizations began organizing relief efforts. Thanks to their efforts, approximately 10,000 beloved companion animals were saved.

Animals give love unconditionally. They are unencumbered by the societal ills that distract humans from our ability to love freely. A relationship with a companion animal can raise our vibration and help us to align more with our authentic self. Animals improve your health! According to WebMD, pets can help lower blood pressure and lower anxiety. They can also boost your immune system. Whether it’s cuddling with a dog, riding a horse, or feeding the chickens in your backyard coupe, animals have a knack for calming and centering our energy.

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year, but 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters each year. The math is not in their favor and leads to many animals being euthanized simply due to overcrowding and a lack of resources. Animal welfare organizations like PETA, ASPCA, and others, ensure the adoption of orphaned animals, rescue abused animals, and return lost animals safely back to their human caregivers. They also expose and correct the mistreatment of animals at the hands of certain corporations. The work they do is necessary.

When you purchase something from the collection, a portion of the proceeds goes to an organization of animal welfare always. Now each product label is stamped with a number, which represents the number of meals your purchase will give to stray animals.  Every purchase of timepiece will keep a stray’s food bowl full for 10 months or will cure those in need.  Note 25 kg of a dog food feeds a dog for 15 days. 250 rescue dogs eat 700 pounds of food every single day. That’s over $300,000 of dog food a year. By bowl of foods donated, $300k they can save and put towards operating costs, like kennels, upkeep and vet bills. Sometimes shelters do get donations of expired food or food that is not as healthy. Rescue dogs, more than any other dogs, need to be nourished!



You can currently see the effect of community support for local stray’s welfare group we support in the website www.orman-melegi.com. The Founder Tugay works hard to raise donations for Forest angels nonstop over the holiday season. One bag of food means a dog has a full belly, is vetted to stay healthy, gets socialized and also gets to meet prospective families. It is a mighty bag of food because it saves and makes lives. When you buy your pup their dog food you can drop a bag off at a local pet food bank, OR even easier, switch your dog food over to the DOG for DOG’s every time you pour your pup a bowl, you know you’re also pouring a bowl for a shelter dog. There are little things we can do on a daily basis that really do make a difference in the lives of others. The good you do rubs off on others! Not only will a rescue know that you have their back, but your community will also feel it.