A New Chapter Begin for Hauttman

It has been an exciting five years for Hauttman. Designer, Gokhan D. Yildirim has been implementing solutions to overcome “business challenges with thorough “distinction and concentration.” Through these efforts, he has paved the way for Hauttman’s future growth. 

It's a new chapter for our business and for our relationship with customers. We've been planning and working behind the scenes to create a new powerful team that better reflects our vision, value and ultimately the service we provide to you it's something everyone in Hauttman is very excited about. 

This year Hauttman reincorporated in London, with Demir Aykanat and his team joining the brand. Several departments restructured to meet the operational needs of the company. The changes have already great effects on our productivity.

The sole purpose is to provide the best service experience to Hauttman customers in the most efficient way.

There is always a better way and this formed the foundation of our moves towards new plans new goals every day. As a business, we have launched this changes as part of our commitment to finding better ways of bringing Hauttman watches out. You will see our website, presentation visuals and videos evoke these positive steps and these changes as will the way in which we communicate with you. As much as anything we are all about transparency and clarity and with the launch of our next chapter will add greater value to our service to you. 

Thank you,