Looking for something classy without spending a fortune? Well, that’s possible.

Fine watches are making great gifts for men but mostly they come at very high prices. If you want to light up his holidays with a classy gift with a glimmering Christmas gift that is unique and truly brilliant, here’s 5 wallet-friendly ideas from us for the stylish men in your life.

Our minds are filled with thoughts of boosting our productivity and focus on creating success. It does get wearying and holidays are the perfect time to pause a while and turn our attention outward to all our blessings and all the people surrounding us. It’s a great time for picking the perfect gift for your loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Watches are timeless Christmas gifts as they will always be cherished for years to come. It can be notoriously hard to choose Christmas presents for your loved one sometimes so shopping for a dad, husband, or brother can feel like a stab in the dark. What certain is that buying Christmas gifts for those of a timekeeping disposition can be a truly complex exercise. Save your precious hours by perusing our list of ticking gifts, sure to harbor something appealing for your watch-toting chum.

Horology is a perplexing fascination, so if you're wondering what will make him grin ear-to-ear on Christmas morning? We can help you to choose a design that will stand the test of time and look stylish for decades. Our full Christmas Gift Guide of mechanical watches has categories to suit every taste and affordable budgets.

 Find the perfect way to count down to Christmas.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. – Roy L. Smith


An addition to your watch expert’s wish list, this rare and exotic caliber that crafted and manufactured in Neuchâtel Switzerland makes a sublime choice. Hauttman Family welcomes its first in-house caliber for squelette compressor with self-winding movement. The new in-house squelette compressor represents the masculine personality of the Hauttman family in the skeletonized details of compressor caliber. Deep Discovery compressor squelette offers a high contrast see-through sapphire dial while enjoying the beautiful refraction of sapphire preserving easy readability. The recognizable characteristics of the Deep Discovery collection preserved in super light forged carbon case with the Hauttman’s signature curve in 42-millimeter diameter dimension. 4 optional variants are available for your choice and 3 different bezel options to customize your watch (Damascus steel, Ballistic ceramic, and Titanium carbide.)  

Rough finishes on the iconic Hauttman case and the bidirectional rotating inner bezel completes the face of this sporty new compressor with diamond cut hands. Adding a splash of color to your wrist is rarely a bad thing.  You can choose the best color options from the rich silicone and leather strap collection of Hauttman.

If you're buying for someone with a taste for industrial design (beards, polo neck jumpers, and thick-rimmed glasses are all good indicators) then this solidly beautiful chunk of time is worth the investment while the 200m tested waterproof seal sees it good for a dip in the après Jacuzzi. Designed to fit all stages in your week, the Deep Discovery collection is built for people with an active lifestyle. Give this precious timepiece to someone and watch as the only fascination in life becomes the hands that forever revolve around its dial.

Highest Swiss quality with a two-year warranty. Limited Early-Bird price of 1170 USD over 1970 USD. Reserve your watch for 600 USD and 570 USD will be requested before shipment. Shipment Starts on February 2019 with 40 watches per month. Price will increase 70 USD more in every 30 pieces sold. Free International Shipping.



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Timeless Christmas gift idea from Hauttman. Men deserve a little pampering and with this unique chronograph, Deep Discovery series sets out their robust composition in every detail of its masculine Collection.

Your dad's gold watch might get him noticed at the golf club, but rare, self-winding Swiss chronograph are the real bastions of functional style. Home to a fiendishly brilliant movement of 2894-2 Hauttman Deep Discovery is a mechanical triumph that, unlike other self-winding Swiss watches, Hauttman is both unique by the design, masculine and doesn't cost the Earth.

The new Hauttman Deep discovery diver’s chronograph Automatic wristwatch comes with lumed diamond cut hands, with the introduction of a new meticulously-crafted, domed sapphire crystal glass. This new timepiece is a composition of many contrasting details as The Hauttman mechanical watches identity, such as fitted pushers inspired by the conning tower of submarines and engraved multilayer dial. These novelties take the beauty of chronographs to higher ground to create a new style. This submariner inspired reliable diving watch for the first time with exterior clamps pressing the bezel tighter for extra protection.

Pick a metal or leather combination to go with one of the Deep Discovery chronographs and you're effectively giving someone two different automatic watches, except without spending a fortune. This identity time-piece is water resistant to 200m and a limited edition chronograph with a rare mechanism and will earn you countless cool points on Shore ditch High Street. To be changed with equivalent location.

Highest Swiss quality Prices are listed as 1,370 USD and 1,510 USD based on the watches varying on strap/bracelet options. These prices are 35% to 30% discounted over the retail price of 2,190.00 USD as of early bird price. For every 30 pieces sold from this collection, prices will increase by 70.00 USD.



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If you know someone who’s into tech gadgets or bright set of headphones, Deep discovery date compressor will connect him to a mechanical piece of art with similarly bright shades.


If he is too smart for smart things to let him strap on this automatic compressor watch from Hauttman and he'll soon be lost in a world of multilayered and sandblasted finishes. Giving as an appreciation to the great works of him this little valuable mechanical piece of art will be filling the memories with unforgettable moments of pride. With its super light and super cool forged carbon case, a bleeping smartwatch is a long-forgotten memory. More than 42 hours lasting juice is enough to keep it alive for two days. Even if you do not wear, it will still remember you.

The new Hauttman Deep Discovery Automatic wristwatch comes with four different variants to choose, with the introduction of a meticulously-crafted, double domed sapphire crystal in the front and back faces.


The new timepieces limited with 120 pieces and the serial number which is engraved on oscillating weight. Many modern details from iconic Hauttman mechanical watches take the beauty of sporty timepieces to higher ground to create a new masculine yet elegant look. No watch-nerds miscellany is complete without a set of a glowing luminous retro-futuristic watch, and this is the most affordable way to give someone the gift of a valuable automatic timepiece.

Highest Swiss quality and Two Year warranty Limited Early-Bird price of 930 USD over 1710 USD. Reserve your watch for 500 USD. Balance 430 USD will be requested before shipment. Shipment Starts on February 2019 with 40 watches per month. Price will increase 70 USD more in every 30 pieces sold. Free International Shipping.


Buy the Hauttman compressor watch here from www.hauttman.com