360° Some Computer Magic from Us

Abracadabra. To drive the user experience further, our design team came up with an amazing idea to come closer to you. Welcome to our field, the world of 3D environment, simulated with the real physics of the light and gravity.


With this magical tool, users from all around the world will be able to check the models we uploaded to our website online in full dimension. It is not like a conventional 360° turntable product viewer but it is a simulation to render our watches in real time with the best realistic values.

The simulator is easy to use. For desktop users, left mouse click will operate the orbital orientation and right click will pan on the 3D space. Just double left click on to a spot you want to focus and voila Enjoy it. For mobile users, one finger will orbit while two fingers will help you to zoom and pan at the same time.


For better screen resolution and fps, A mid-high range pc is recommended. This application runs on mobiles as well. However, beware of over-heating of the mobile device. Just click on the screen and enjoy the simulation.