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Learning that more than three billion years ago, Mars had an Earth-like environment, volcanoes, and lakes, reading news of the mission to return samples from Mars and knowing sometime in this century there will be astronauts on Mars is drawing us more into science and astronomy news every day.

Our curiosity on whether there is life beyond Earth brought us till here to explore Mars by remote space probes sent from Earth. Trying to learn what life would be like on the red planet, dreaming of another planet life experience, a human mission to colonize Mars, all the new information we can learn from the red planet and from developing the technologies is ravishing. Looking at how we got to where we are now, humans in space and space exploration, we are excited to see our journey into space. 

Now we do have abundant evidence of water on Mars. The inspiration we got from space exploration drives us thinking of how Martian time measuring devices would begin to look like in this space adventure.

The EXO-MARS a wristwatch That’s Out Of This World Earth time PLUS Martian Time.

This is an all terrain dual time watch that’s made here and now on mother Earth PLUS for space travel to the Red Planet. In celebration of the indomitable spirit of humanity, and our plans to go to Mars, Hauttman Watches are sharing the study of EXO-MARS.

This is a wristwatch that has a red subdial with a 24.56 Earth hours rotation (length of a Martian day) that’s calibrated into 24 sections so you can set the subdial to Mars Local Time (MLT). But that’s not all apart from the sub-dial having hands set to the length of a Martian day – the inner dial of the subdial and Mars hour hand also rotates to be adjusted to give you the time in specific coordinates on the Martian surface.

Taking the absolute zero as MTC (Coordinated Mars Time) Surface of the Mars is divided into 24 pieces. Each piece opens up a 15° pie. A corrector on 4 o'clock position operates the hour hand as well as the Mars disc. Hereby the time on the specific locations is matched with the MTC local Mars time. So it gives Earth time like a conventional wristwatch, and the sub-dial can be set to any location on Mars yay.

Two Planets are uniting. Mars and Earth and celebrating Humanity’s first adventure to another planet, because we all know it’s going to happen. But that’s not all that’s different about this watch, because it’s tough as a tank.

The Exo-Mars is made out of forged carbon. A material 4 times stronger than Stainless Steel, harder than carbon fiber, harder than tungsten. Harder and lighter than Titanium. And it weighs less than carbon fiber. Pressure Proof, Water Resistant to 200 meters, Lightweight, Anti-magnetic, Built for space travel.

Made for Mars Tough as a Tank and it has more.

Hautmann uses a new technology Lume, Exo Bright, 60% brighter than the Swiss industry standard of Super-Luminova. It activates faster and lasts longer for brilliant night readability. With a crown protector and the crown is made of titanium carbide. This watch is made to last a lifetime and beyond under conditions, no other watch could endure.

Hauttman’s, final touches are the look and finish of this future icon.

The ultra-hard and ultra-light black forged carbon material can’t be polished – so the black watch case and bracelet come with a rugged sandblast effect. Framed by the screwed Black Diamond fixed bezel, the dial is a matte black. This dial is contrasted and off-set at 6 o’clock at by the Mars Time sub-dial that’s a stunning blood red.

A futuristic tool-watch that is classic, masculine, subtle and yet stunning. This time-piece marks the most historical goal of the 21st Century for Hauttman team. Made to stand the challenges of Earth and beyond.

Special thanks to Tal CHALAK for his support to our article.