Updating ourselves with the latest technologies, Hauttman design team is ensuring the best result in the design stage. Each component is designed with care.

Hauttman’s philosophy is to offer the best versions of its designs, at affordable prices for the discerning watch wearer. Designer Gokhan D. Yildirim brings an elegant blend of aesthetic simplicity and mechanical prowess with his interesting, classic yet innovative signature dials. His subtle designs are utilitarian, highly readable, and yet ingeniously extravagant with exquisite and sophisticated touches creating a distinguished wristwatch for the man that stands out in the crowd because of his sensibility.   

The Hauttman watch company is creating attractive, mechanically significant, great value timepieces that offer the wearer a superior experience, that comes with Swiss-Made authenticity.

The term "Hauttman" howt-man, In phonetics, can be exemplified like "Haut-Man". The term date backs to the 4th Century AD and means the "head-man", "Highest-person", "Leader" or "Commander". "Haut" in modern French means the top and "Man" is an Anglo-Saxon term to address the human character. Throughout history, the term "Hauttman" derived as "Hauttman", "Uthman", "Hauptmann". Philosophically the term Hauttman is a way to discourse the human character in a much more glorifying way for us. In the religious background, Light gives life and color. The "Human" hue-man term in phonetics can be evaluated as "the light seers", "the light man ».

The triskelion symbol appears in many early cultures and date backs to 4400-3600 BC consisting of 3 spirals polar arrayed from a center point. The symbol represents the movement, dynamics, action, power and unity. Other than its physical attributes, the symbol carries a more sophisticated meaning related to metaphysical allegories. Examples being creation-preservation-destruction, mother-father-child, spirit-mind-body, father-son-holy spirit, power-intellect-love and past-present-future.